Tulum, Mexico - Part I, Eat & Sleep

We've been back from our honeymoon for 3 weeks now, but my mind is still swaying in a hammock on the beach staring out at the turquoise ocean.   Exhibit A below. 


But, before we talk about Tulum, I want to share something personal. (No, it's not anything personal from the honeymoon...that will stay between the hubs and I thank you very much). This is something personal about myself: 


Now, to those of you who just recently started following Agra Culture, this may not seem like anything particularly special to point out, but if you've been following our journey for a while then you know we travel a lot...and our company is based around traveling, so for us to be two years into this business and just now posting our first travelogue; well it's personally disappointing.  The even more honest and disappointing part is that I didn't feel that I had anything good to actually post, or that everything I had to say or share had already been shared before, or that my photos weren't TOP NOTCH professional artistic images, and the list goes on and on.  I realize that this is crazy talk, and am ashamed to say that it crippled me from sharing.  This is most definitely a side effect of the social media world we live in.   Everyone has something special to share and there is an audience and community for each of us. 

I am breaking free of the perfectionist bondage that I trapped myself in, and am going to share! So prepare for a lot of posts coming up because we have A LOT of catching up to do!  

Whew. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  Alright...now to the good stuff!

Tulum, Part I, is all about where to stay and eat!

If you're looking for an all-inclusive, every-amenity-available, never-leave-your-hotel-complex-because-it-has-everything-you-could-imagine-including-Cirque-de-Soleil experience; then Tulum is not for you.  While it's showing up on most "Top Destinations" lists these days, and every known travel blogger seems to have visited in the past year, it still maintains it's laid back, small town vibe.  The hotels are mostly small, eco-resorts, which have less than 50 rooms.  There is one main beach road following the coast that boasts chic little boutiques, local cuisine whose presentation alone any foodie would be salivating over, and your best way to get around is on foot or bike.  You can rent bikes at multiple places on the main drag, but most of the hotels have bikes ready and waiting for their guests.     

Accommodations in the area can go from simply posting up a tent on the beach, to high end hotels with private cabanas; so there's a place for the backpacker and the luxury traveler.   Since we were there on our honeymoon, we researched places that were above our average price-range, some of which we've shared below.  We extensively do research and read reviews on TripAdvisor, and then book almost everything exclusively through Booking.com.  More on how we plan our trips in a future post!

SO MANY hammocks! Just can't get enough. 

There is no shortage of great spots to eat in Tulum.  We could've stayed another two weeks and not hit all the yummy looking places.  Below is a list of a few favorites, but I would be shocked if you had a bad experience at any place you tried!  Seriously, every place you pass has a great vibe that is both chic and laid back.  Which reminds me about wardrobe; ladies leave the heels at home, ain't nobody dressing up here.  

Where to Eat: On the Beach drag

*TIP: Hartwood's website says that the majority of tables are saved for walk-ins, but that their hostess will take reservations for parties of LESS than 8 people from 3 pm - 6 pm.  This ACTUALLY means, that you need to start lining up BEFORE 3 (in reality more like 2 - 2:15) to get a spot on the "walk-in" list. The tables book up daily before 3:05!  INSIDER TIP -- In order to avoid cutting your day in half and standing in line, join forces with some fellow travelers to create a group of 8 so that you can just call and make reservations ahead of time!  Plus, you could end up with some awesome new life travel buddies!   

Where to Eat: In town (known as the Pueblo)

  • Ki'Bok - great coffee/breakfast spot
  • La Nave
  • Cetli
  • Antojitos La Chiapaneca - best tacos al pastor and tortas EVER
  • El Camello Jr.

To make your lives a BIT easier; we've created a Google map marked with all the locations we've listed above.  You can find it HERE.

Stay tuned for Part II where we share our list of things to do in Tulum!