Alex Worlund of Alex Worlund Photography

Meet Alex Worlund, of Alex Worlund Photography!

This beautiful woman inspires and encourages me in so many ways.  The reason why I am sharing about Alex today, is because there are so many people in my life whom I am deeply grateful for, and I would not be where I am today without them; nor would Agra Culture be the same without those people.  

Alex is one of those!  She is one of the bravest and most motivated people I know and she's only 20!  When we do a Creative Introductions post, we like to highlight not only the individual but also their creations...all of the Agra Culture images in this post were taken by Alex, because that is her craft and creativity.  We are so thankful for them and cherish every image she has taken for us.   Read below for the story of how it happened!  

At 18, after high school, Alex decided that she didn't want to pursue college, instead she chose to pursue her passion; photography.  If making an adult decision like that at such a young age doesn't inspire you, then think back to what you were doing at 18 and maybe you'll reconsider.  I know I definitely wasn't thinking about starting my own company then and the only way I generated revenue was waiting tables!  Not only did she know that she wanted to pursue photography full time, but she also knew exactly what she wanted to focus on.  Alex specializes in "The Senior Experience" where she focuses on Senior Portraits; basically she makes you feel like a million bucks emotionally, and then captures the beautiful spirit and personality in each person she photographs; the light literally radiates from her clients!  Check out her website to see the joy she captures and you'll understand.  

When I started Agra Culture, and was planning our first sourcing trip to India, Alex found out about it and simply asked if she could join our journey.  She mentioned that because of her age (she was 19 at this point), most of her friends were in college, or didn't have the money or passion to travel.  But being the adult and small business owner that she was, her heart longed to do things that most people don't do until college or afterwards, such as traveling or studying abroad.

I was super hesitant about having her come along; not because she isn't wonderful, but because of my insecurities and fear.  It was my first official sourcing trip and I had no idea what I was doing.  So yea, the thought of taking a 19 year old, who had never travelled internationally before, on my first entrepreneurial endeavor half way around the world was a bit stressful.  But that's exactly what I want to focus on...she was 19, had never left the country before, and went to INDIA on her first international trip.  Talk about brave!  Most people go on a Caribbean cruise or fly to Cancun for their first big out of the country trip.  I'm not knocking those experiences, but for those of you who have gone to India, you know that it is not for the faint of heart; it's absolutely a culture shock (in the most wonderful way), and there is nothing about it that is like home.  Go big or stay home! Right Alex? That's when the switch flipped for me and I realized that this trip didn't have to be about me, but could be about so much more like building relationships, growing and learning from other peers, and challenging myself to being open to others sharing in the journey.  

The fact that she wasn't afraid to go half way around the world for her first International trip is what sold me on her coming.  I saw a little bit of myself in that, as India was also my first international travel destination years ago.  I told Alex, that if she could survive a trip to India at 19, then she could go anywhere.  Because Alex came, we were able to document the experience, culture, and photograph the products in their natural environment.   After India, Alex also traveled with me to Guatemala last year and seriously knows how to make a girl feel amazing! Visuals are such a huge part of Agra Culture so having these images has been invaluable.  All the images in this post were taking by her, and man, if she did these things as a TEENAGER, I can't wait to see what she does with the rest of her life!  If you're in need of some photos that make you feel like a fashion super model, I recommend you look her up; you will not be disappointed.  

Alex, thank you for always being encouraging, motivating, and inspiring.  You are bold in your pursuits, your are honest and transparent even when it's scary to share yourself with others, and that does not go unnoticed.  You are able to see things inside of people that they cannot see themselves, and then harness that beauty and make it come alive; your photography is a wonderful permanent reflection of the personal connection you have with your clients.  And most of all, thank you for photographing this old gal! I am so blessed that you captured our journeys and helped make some great memories along the way.