Lucy Farmer of Lucy's Inspired Jewelry

I LOVE LUCY.  But not the red headed one.  I love THIS Lucy.  

If you watch HGTV, read Southern Living, or are from the South then you might be familiar with Lucy Farmer.  But if you don't have cable, don't read magazines, or aren't from the South then let me introduce you to this inspiring lady.  

Two years ago, right after I launched the Agra Culture website, and about a week after my home was featured on The Everygirl (HERE), I got my very first form submission email through my website...from Lucy.  

Ya'll do not even know how ecstatic I was to receive that very first email.  If you're a small business owner, then you'll understand what I felt.  When you first launch your site and no one in the world knows who you are, that you even exist, or what your company is about, that first contact from anyone is a magical moment.  When your new company inbox goes for days with NO emails...then all of sudden your inbox says (1 NEW) and it's not spam...pure magic.  

I had seen Lucy featured in several Southern editorials and knew all about her architectural hardware jewelry line; Lucy's Inspired.  So to be acknowledged by, and receive an email from a Lady Boss I admired was awesome.  To this day, I still cherish that first email as a tiny milestone in this crazy small business journey.    

After that first email, Lucy has stayed a constant inspiration and encouragement to me.  She has supported and been a part of Agra Culture from the very first event and I am so thankful for her friendship.  Being a small business owner is crazy and doesn't leave much time for extra things, especially when you have a family, but somehow Lucy uses her superwoman powers and always makes time to join together with me in small business collaborations or simply take time to chat. 

As I said before, small business people are crazy, and Lucy is no exception.  Apart from being a wife, mom, Interior Designer, and jewelry designer; she was also a contestant on HGTV's Beach Flip last year (see her and Daphney's Renovation HERE).  I don't know how she does it, but I need her to teach me her ways. 

Lucy started out working and designing with Southern Accents Architectural Antiques in Cullman, Alabama.  If you're in the Southeast, you have to make a trip to's one of our personal favorites spots to visit every couple of months, to wander through rooms filled with salvaged items from homes around the country.  History can be seen around every corner.  This is where Lucy discovered her passion for hardware and salvaged trinkets.  Her distinct eye for detail mixed with the tiny treasures she found at the shop, birthed her first collection of handcrafted, hardware accessories.  Each piece she creates is unique; a one of kind accessory that tells it's own story.  Check out her online shop to pick out your favorite trinket.

One of her personal favorite items are the Lucy's Inspired prisms necklaces.  Each one has a delicate chandelier crystal hanging from different chains; its the perfect decorative piece to add to any outfit, and we love the addition of the antique key on every chain! The prisms have been one of her best sellers, and a trademark item for the Lucy's Inspired brand from the start. 

This year, Lucy also launched her "Inspired to Give" collection.  A prism necklace set with a mission to spread happiness, hope, and unity -- one to wear, and one to share!  Forget friendship bracelets and BFF necklaces from the 80's, these prisms are timeless and delicate and the perfect gift to share with someone close to you.   

True to her brand's name, Lucy is an inspiration to me.  

Who inspires you; and who will YOU inspire?